Rough sex in bondage

Category: Sex And Submission

July 12th, 2011

Princess Donna Dolore returns to as a submissive slave for an intense and erotic bondage sex scene with James Deen and Mr. Pete. She likes her sex rough and extreme and that's exactly what she gets. Witness Princess Donna being dominated and double penetrated in bondage for the first time. See her endures a severe caning and squirt from being fisted in tough inescapable restraints. In this reality style roleplay watch what happens to Donna when she gets a model drunk and is too hungover to shoot. This bdsm video is a must see!

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Lesbian BDSM pictures

Category: Knotnice

March 17th, 2011

Lesbian BDSM pictures

Bridgett tries out a few new tricks on her voluptuous slave Graziella, taking her to new heights of pain and pleasure. Graziella, strapped at ankle and wrist and immobilized by the pole-horse, can do little to escape Bridgett's ministrations. Despite she is not a newbie at BDSM porn and bondage tortures, some hot wax and the violet wand bring poor Graziella to the breaking point. Then Bridgett turns her own hands into electric shockers! At the end of this lesbian BDSM scene the slavegirl Graziella is given a reprieve in the form of the big ball vibe!

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Lesbian BDSM video

Category: WiredPussy

February 17th, 2011

Tia Ling is a very tough submissive. She's been tied up, caned, fucked, and whipped every way imaginable. But there is one thing that still scares her - electricity. Princess Donna takes advantage of this and mindfucks Tia in this lesbian BDSM shoot. Bound and helpless Tia never knows what to expect. She cums hard with a fucking machine in her ass while her cunt is wired up to electricity by her lesbian domme. She takes the samurai cattle prod, electric clamps and violet wand and has multiple mind blowing orgasms in the midst of her fear.

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Free video from Whipped Ass

Category: Whipped Ass

February 1th, 2011

Free video from Whipped Ass

Mistress Miranda was feeling really naughty in the dungeon that night, so she had two female slaves summoned from their cages for lesbian BDSM action. She thought, not only could she beat both of their asses while they're tied up, but she could make one beat and fuck the other one while she watched. She showed Jasmine the ropes on how to flog Kylee while she was restrained and bent over for her, and then made Jasmine eat Kylee out while she fingered her ass. She turned Jasmine into a fucker when she fitted her for a strapon dildo and aimed it right for Kylee's tight pussy while she beat them.

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Tits bondage and rough sex

Category: Sex And Submission

January 26th, 2011

Tits bondage and rough sex

Kelly has the type of figure where you would never expect a humongous pair of tits to be sitting atop her chest, but in the case of bondage sex, they're right in harm's way. She seems to like getting them flogged and tied up though, as well as having the rest of her body tied up by Master Todd. After she sucks on his cock, he notices that there's something missing, and so he ties her hands and feet together and suspends her from the ceiling! He canes her butt and flogs it before opening her up from behind and fucking her deep. She would ask for more if she was allowed to ask for such a thing!

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Bondage sex scene

Category: Device Bondage

January 3th, 2011

Krysta Kaos is back for the last installment of her recent bdsm porn shoot with us. We've already tested her ability to handle pain, so the focus of this metal bondage sex scene is seeing how well she deals with nonstop brutal orgasms. We bolt Krysta to a wall with her arms and legs spread. We chain her neck to the wall for a little breath play and fill her already wet pussy with our highpowered fucking machine. We rubber band her feet clamp and weight her cute little pink nipples. Really that's just icing on the cake though. The real fun is watching this tough girl gets mentally and physically destroyed by the barrage of one orgasm after another. Krysta can handle some serious pain play like a champ but this kind of brutal nonstop cumming turns her into a sweaty sloppy squirting fuckedup cum puddle

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Public BDSM

Category: Public Disgrace

December 25th, 2010

We're used to seeing dogs being walked around on a leash in the streets, but how shocking would it be to see a bound woman in a short skirt walking on her hands and knees like a dog? That's exactly what's happening to Jennifer Love here in this BDSM porn, as she's tossed into the back seat like she's about to go on a vet visit. Instead, she's lead to a warehouse where all eyes are on her as her pussy is fingered before she's given a cock to suck by her master. An onlooker wants a piece too, and she winds up sucking off all the guys and getting fucked by them too in bondage sex action until they cum!

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Free BDSM video from Hogtied

Category: Hogtied

December 2th, 2010

Free BDSM video from Hogtied

Ela Darling has the kind of cute teen body that most people would cherish and love to look at. Her master sees her body and wonders just how much pain and torture he could inflict on it. Naive girls are the best for bondage torture in free BDSM video like this, because even though they think they know what they're getting into, their nerves get the best of them when that first knot gets slipped on. She's excited as hell to get the chance to please her master for the first time though, as he binds her legs together and her hands over her head, and rubs and fingers her pussy to an orgasm!

Free BDSM video from Hogtied

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